10 Things To Do During Social Distancing

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  1. Catch up on all of your favourite shows, which you just never have enough time for anymore. Whether it’s something you’ve been meaning to get to, something you need to finish, or just a moment to watch what you would anyway, except guilt free. 
  1. Watch some 90’s/2000’s chick-flicks. We’re thinking ‘10 Things I hate about you’ and ‘You’ve Got Mail’ which is quite fitting since it stars Tom Hanks. 
  1. Start reading again, we know life gets in the way and reading goes on the back burner. Especially if you’re a student and you’re sick of reading because of all the readings you do for class. Soon you will find the joy in your favourite books and genres once again. This might even be a habit that sticks once ths all blows over.  
  1. Pick up a new hobby. Whether it be sewing, gardening, painting, or whatever. You’ve had your eye on something and haven’t had a chance to start doing it. So let your creativity flow and start now! 
  1. Start an at home workout routine. I mean what else is there to do at a time like this than get ripped. And fitness influencers are jumping on the bandwagon too. So if you have no idea where to start, there is an abundance of at home workout videos right now. 
  1. Deep clean your house. Go through your closet and organise everything. Organise your makeup. Declutter your spaces, scrub your bathroom. You have all the time in the world now to go from one room to the next in your own time without rush or stress. 
  1. Get creative! You probably have some kind of creative project you’ve been working on. But school, and work seem to always get in the way. Now is the time to finish that painting, write the ending of your book, finish that graphic novel. You know you’ve been meaning to do it and now is your chance. 
  1. Cook more.  Now that you really can’t go out to eat every day, learn how to make your favourite meals from home. We know the supermarket shelves are a bit empty so now is the time to get super creative and improvise. Maybe even order some groceries online. 
  1. Check up on your friends. It’s 1997 and the only way to chat with your friends is through the phone. Yes we know texting is great but with all this social distancing even the most introverted of us will go nuts. So pick up the phone and call someone.Make sure your close friends and family are okay, maybe lend them 
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  1.  Learn Something. Pick up a language, learn the art of meditation, watch documentaries. Regardless of what you learn it’ll be useful later on. When we all throw our corona is over parties you can pull your new knowledge out during small talk and impress people. 

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